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A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer or other electronic device ("terminal") used to access our website, mobile application(s) or other online content, or the electronic communications services we operate ("services"). Your web browser stores data on your device related to your visit to and use of our Services in order to record certain information (for example, to enable you to log in) or to track data.


We use cookies to enhance your user experience, track statistics and optimize advertising campaigns when you use our services. You have the ability to allow or decline cookies by changing your settings in the "Manage My Cookie Settings" section below or directly in your web browser. We do not use cookies to collect personal information such as your name; however, they may help us link information to personal data you have provided to us in other ways (for example, by registering on our site).


We also use pixels to manage, analyze and optimize our advertising campaigns on third-party platforms (such as facebook, linkedIn and instagram).


A pixel is a small image file embedded in the code of our services' web pages. It collects data related to a user's behavior and transmits the information to a server to evaluate the performance of our ads. However, they are not stored in your browser. Pixels may be used by third parties to enhance the functionality of their services and generate their own cookies based on your interests and use of our services. By using pixels, third parties identify the specific target group to which our site visitors belong in order to provide targeted advertising from Hotel des Horlogers on their own platform. Pixels also help third parties analyze the effectiveness of their advertising for Hotel des Horlogers, as well as allowing us to see if users have been redirected to our site after clicking on an advertisement.



When you access our services, we may install on your terminal cookies belonging to the categories listed below. They are classified according to their source, their technical profile and their purposes. These categories are not mutually exclusive, so a cookie may fall into more than one of the categories listed below.


Cookies from an internal source (internal cookies)

Internal cookies are installed directly on your terminal and can only be read by our services. They may be "session" cookies or "permanent" cookies (defined below). For example, we use internal cookies to speed up the login process or to improve your user experience.


Cookies from an external source (third-party cookies)

Third-party cookies are installed on your terminal by some of our third-party partners. For example, they are used to analyze audience measurement and to improve the relevance of the content of our services.


Session Cookies

Session cookies are installed temporarily on your terminal while you are using our services. They disappear when you close your browser session. Together with our partners, we use session cookies to manage and measure your access to and use of our services during a single browsing session, and to ensure optimal performance.


Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are placed on your device during a browser session and remain stored on your device for a set period of time after you leave our services. Persistent cookies allow us to save your language preferences and other local settings to facilitate your next visit. We and our partners may also use persistent cookies for audience measurement purposes.


Audience measurement cookies

Audience measurement cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our services and to help us manage our platform more effectively. We also use audience measurement cookies to analyze traffic to our services (as well as to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our online interactive content, features, advertisements and other communications).



The tables below provide a (non-exhaustive) classification of the various cookies and pixels used in connection with our services.


Audience measurement cookies

entitynamedescriptionIntern/third party
GoogleGoogle Tag Manager et Google Analytics GA4Used to provide information on the request rate and number of connections to our Servicestiers



☐ Audience measurement cookies

Audience measurement cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our services and to help us manage our platform more effectively.



- allow cookies

Most web browsers are set up to automatically allow cookies. You can change your browser settings to block cookies based on their origin or to alert you when they are being sent to your device. For more information, please refer to the "How to manage cookies" section below.

- refusing and deleting cookies

If you choose to decline or delete cookies stored on your device, some features of our services may not function properly. This will affect the content of our site and the services you can access when you are logged in. In addition, with our service providers, we will not be able to identify the type of browser your device is using for technical compatibility purposes. The same applies to language and display settings. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible if certain features become inoperative or less effective.


-How do I manage cookies?

The procedure for managing cookies and cookie preferences is slightly different for each browser. You can view the steps for managing cookies in your browser's help menu.

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- Data management by third parties

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